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  1. When is wipe?

    First Thursday of the month at 19:00 UK. It takes 10 minutes.

  2. When is BP wipe?

    Every 2 months.

    Full BP wipe: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
    Map only: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec

  3. When does Raid Week start?

    The Friday before wipe at 19:00 UK.

    On the final day of the wipe we have Rocket Day (see below).

  4. What is Raid Week?

    Most of the time this is a "carebear" server with safety features to protect noob/casual players. For the final week we switch these protections off and GO HAM, for more of a vanilla experience.

    Before Raid Week (most of wipe)

    No Raiding (some items are always destroyable)
    No PvP if in PvE mode
    No Burning
    No MLRS
    No SAM sites (until 2 days before RW)
    + 10% upkeep
    + /remove
    + New (to deadlock) gamebanned players, with permission

    Raid Week (last week of wipe)

    25% upkeep
    No /remove
    No new gamebanned players
    + Raiding, PvP (everyone)

    Rocket Day (last day of wipe)

    + Free, unlimited rockets (all types)
    + /mymini (no fuel needed)
    + Unlimited team size, if you want to zerg a big base
    + New gamebanned players can join after wipe

  5. How many players are here?

    • All time peak: 45
    • Regular peak (eg. early wipe): 35
    • Most evenings/weekends: 25
    • Off-peak: 15

    Check out the stats page for full details.

  6. This server has no EAC, is it for hackers?

    EAC is disabled primarily for Linux players to join. Windows users are welcome too. Some players have bans on their profiles - they have nowhere else to play so don't hassle them about it.

    If you've come here to cheat you will be promptly banned. Try me.

    Please PM JimDeadlock on Discord about any cheating-related issues. You may discuss it in open chat if you want but you will alert the cheater, making it more difficult for me to catch him at it.

  7. When will Linux get EAC?

    Probably never.

    This was addressed in the October 2022 Facepunch Blog.

    If, by some miracle, Linux does get EAC one day then we will switch the server to EAC and join the big boys on the in-game server list.

  8. Are there any other non-EAC servers with more PvP?


    There are other non-EAC servers but most are empty. This is the most active, populated non-EAC server.

    If you want a busy PvP environment without EAC then you're on a wild goose chase. It does not exist, and never will. Several times over the years players from here have set up their own PvP-focused non-EAC servers to "fill the gap in the market". None of them lasted even one full wipe, they sat empty. I ran an open-to-all vanilla non-EAC server alongside this modded one for over a year. Nobody was interested.

  9. Can we have a smaller map to encourage more PvP?


    Most players here do not enjoy PvP. 50% of them are not even capable of it because they have chosen PvE mode. Making the map smaller would make no difference at all. The only result would be 90% of the players angry about losing building space and monuments, while the other 10% would still be frustrated about not finding any PvP, even on a smaller map.

    "But how do you know if you haven't tried it?" - because others have tried it (see above).

  10. Can we have more [raiding time, gather rates, team limit, etc etc]?


  11. Why was my [item] destroyed before Raid Week?

    These items are always destructible:

    Twig; TC; sleeping bag/towel/bed; large/small box; prison cell/external/chainlink gate/wall/fence; flame/auto/shotgun turret/trap; landmine; watchtower.

  12. Why can't I buy a SAM site?

    SAM sites go on sale at the Outpost 2 days before Raid Week. We don't want no-fly zones all over the place.

    MLRS launcher is also disabled until RW.

  13. How do I tackle TC griefing?

    Unfortunately we have a bit of an issue with this due to the indestructible nature of enclosed TCs. There is currently a rule about it, you can ask JimDeadlock to remove them. Meanwhile we're hoping to develop a plugin to prevent players from doing this in the first place.

  14. Why do I see Amsterdam II when I press <esc>

    It's the default screen for servers that don't have a description. You will see this if you connected via the in-game F1 console. If you connect via the Steam server list then you're more likely to see the proper Deadlock banner/description, but it can be unreliable.

  15. How do I get PvE/PvP mode?

    You can switch once per wipe at who.deadlock.com

  16. What is a [G]oldmember / [D]iamondDick and how do I get it?

    It's a way for you to support the server, gain an impressive trouser bulge and some nice perks.


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