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You can also find this info in the #faq-readme Discord channel.

  1. When is wipe?

    First Thursday of the month at approximately 19:00 UK time - when Facepunch is ready.

    Wipe/update happens automatically as soon as the Oxide (mods) update becomes available. It takes about 10 minutes.

    You can scroll back through #svr-alerts to see previous update times if you're really bored.

    Pro Tip: wipe/BP dates are shown on the server description when you press <esc> - don't see it? Go to "Why do I see Amsterdam II" below.

  2. When is BP wipe?

    Every 2 months.

    Full BP wipe: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
    Map only: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec

  3. When does Raid Week start?

    The Friday before wipe, at 00:00 UTC.

    There's an on-the-hour game-chat announcement of the date/time when Raid Week starts. On the final day of the wipe we have FREE, UNLIMITED ROCKETS, fuel-less minicopters and free building with stability off! It's hella fun.

  4. Why was my [item] destroyed before Raid Week?

    These items are always destructible:

    twig; sleeping bag/bed/towel; box (large/small); tool cupboard; autoturret; landmine; watchtower.

  5. This server has no EAC, is it for hackers?

    EAC is not enabled here primarily for Linux players to join. Windows users are welcome too. Some players here have bans on their profiles - they have nowhere else to play so don't hassle them about it.

    If you've come here to cheat you will be promptly banned. Try me.

  6. How many players are here?
    • All time peak: 45
    • Regular peak (eg. early wipe): 40
    • Most evenings/weekends: 25
    • Off-peak: 15
    Check out the stats page for full details.

    Pro Tip: the 'Now' page shows who is currently in-game.

  7. Are there any other non-EAC servers with more PvP?

    Short answer: no.

    There are other non-EAC servers but they are all empty, most of them are test servers. This is the only active non-EAC server.

  8. Can we have more [raiding time, gather rates, decay, daylight, backpack space, etc etc]?


  9. Why can't I buy a SAM site?

    SAM sites go on sale at the Outpost 2 days before Raid Week. We don't want no-fly zones all over the place.

  10. Why do I see Amsterdam II when I press <esc>?

    It's the default screen for servers that don't have a description. You will see this if you connected via the in-game F1 console. If you connect via the Steam server list then you'll see the proper Deadlock banner/description - including the wipe date!

  11. How do I get PvE/PvP mode?

    You can switch once per wipe here.

  • Bonus question: Why is Jim ignoring my PM on Discord?

    Because you've probably asked a stupid question that you could easily find the answer to with a tiny bit of effort. Don't be willfully ignorant, it's annoying.

    If your question requires privacy eg. reporting cheating, then by all means PM me. Otherwise, ask in the Discord channels or in-game.