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Server Rules

Post by JimDeadlock » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:41 pm

  1. Noobs and casual/friendly players only! This here is a peaceful Utopia. If you're an aggressive expert looking for a bloodbath, you are cordially invited to move your arse over to DeadlockVanilla... before you are "forcibly invited" ;)

  2. Raiding disabled until final week. PvP is not banned but it's extremely rare. We generally chat rather than shoot each other.

  3. No base griefing. You can mess around with the TC/doors on a raided base IF YOU INTEND TO LIVE THERE. Otherwise please do not lock the original owner out, that's a dick move.

  4. Solo/Duo. There are server limits placed on various functions to prevent more than two players from teaming. Attempts to work around these limits to form a bigger team will be punished.

  5. Be a decent human being. Is that really too much to ask? Banter, bad language and friendly smack talk are all fine but personal threats, name-calling and other toxic behaviour won't be tolerated - there are chat logs! Wondering if what you're about to say is allowed? Imagine you are saying it to a 6ft UFC cage fighter standing in front of you. Would you say it then?

    JimDeadlock (server owner) plays daily but does not raid or shoot players. He might be persuaded to retaliate though, if that's what you want :D

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