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Server Rules

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  1. PvE No-Yoinking Rule: Do not abuse your PvE privilege. If someone is already there when you arrive, please leave: Heli; Bradley; Cargo; Oil; Excavator; Activated Hack Crate (on countdown). If they see your name and report you, your PvE will be revoked. Note: if you are the first one there then you can stay, collect your loot and "fight" with anyone else who arrives after you.

    This rule does not apply to PvP players, they can do whatever they like.

  2. Solo/Duo/Trio.
    • PvP players: do not hang around in a group of more than 3 anywhere, for any reason.
    • PvE players: stay away from PvP players except inside your base.
    • All players: you may stop and chat with anyone for a couple of minutes, but then please move along if you are violating the rules above.
  3. Global chat abuse: Banter, bad language and good-natured smack talk are all fine but personal abuse, name-calling and other toxic behaviour in global chat is not. You may get away with it if your insult is hilarious eg. "horse rustlin' sweat lord", but unfunny/serious/repeat offenders will be globally muted.

    Dealing with global chat abuse

    Do nothing! JimDeadlock regularly checks chat logs and will take appropriate action in due course. Optionally you can a) PM Jim on discord to give a heads-up, and b) use the mute button on the chat bar to block them. Above all DO NOT RESPOND! If you engage with the offender then you automatically lose your right to complain since you've decided to take matters into your own hands. You may even end up receiving the same punishment as the original offender if you get abusive.

    No action will be taken against voice/PM abuse. You can deal with this yourself, see below.

  4. No hackusations. If you suspect cheating please report it to JimDeadlock privately and I'll investigate. Confirmed cheaters do get banned promptly! Do not call anyone a cheater in-game - not only does this break rule #3, but you are alerting him, making it more difficult for me to catch him at it!

    This is a non-EAC server so we inevitably get some players with gamebans on their profiles because this is the only place they can play. They are welcome as long as they don't cheat here. They've received their penalty of being banned from all other servers and they deserve the chance to turn over a new leaf without being hassled about it.


  • Voice/PM abuse:

    Voice blocking: use the mute icon (right of the chat bar) to block the offender, this will also hide their global chat from you.

    PM blocking:

    /ignore add <name/steamid> -- block
    /ignore remove <name/steamid> -- unblock
    /ignore list -- list

    If a blocked player tries to PM you he will receive a "muted" notification. Pro tip: send your insult and then block immediately so you get the last word :D

  • Raiding blocked until final week. It's not possible to damage buildings for most of the wipe, but save up your boomage for Raid Week!

    These items can be damaged at any time: twig; sleeping bag/bed/towel; box (large/small); tool cupboard; autoturret; landmine; watchtower.

  • Limited PvP. It's allowed but uncommon. You can completely avoid it with our unique PvE Modeᵀᴹ

  • JimDeadlock (server owner and self-confessed Filthy Casual) plays daily - PvE only. You can also contact me via the Discord chat.