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Server Rules

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  1. Solo/Duo/Trio
    • PvE players: stay away from PvP players. No mixed groups.
    • All players: do not hang around in a group of more than 3 anywhere, for any reason.
    You may stop and voice-chat with anyone for a couple of minutes, but then please move along if you are violating the above rules.

    You may have as many as you like in your clan/group/base but don't roam or PvP (including base defence) with more than 3 at once.

  2. TC Griefing

    Placing enclosed metal or HQM TCs around another player's base will cost you a 24 hour ban for the first offence, longer for further infractions. No warnings.

  3. Chat Policy

    Our chat environment is generally quite pleasant but you can say whatever you like here. Steam's built-in chat filter is ON by default, so if you are able to see bad language it's because you have deliberately allowed it! You also have the in-game MUTE function.