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List Of Mods

Post by JimDeadlock » Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:22 pm

  1. No Decay. No Radiation.

    Run naked and free any time, anywhere you like! Come back to an intact base if you feel like taking a break for a while!

    Decay Tip: you need to put one item of each in your TC to prevent the annoying red decay warning.

    Who is online: /players

  2. Limited Raiding

    Raiding is blocked for 3 weeks; normal raiding for final week (Raiding Season!) Please note Solo/Duo rule.

  3. Auto Doors | Full Details

    Auto-closes doors behind you, in case you forget.

    /ad -- toggle off
    /ad 5 -- toggle on [seconds delay]

  4. Backpacks | Full Details

    2 extra rows for your inventory


    F1 > bind b

  5. Chest Stacks | Full Details

    Cram huge stacks of items into all types of container, including Tool Cupboard. Less space needed for boxes; higher capacity furnaces, quarries etc. Use ShiftRightClick to move the extra-large stacks. Note: does not apply to inventory.



  6. Free Fireworks!

    /kit fireworks


  7. Free Supply Signal - Daily!

    Cast your vote then:



  8. Furnace Splitter | Full Details

    Auto-stacks your furnaces and refineries for maximum efficiency! Also gives you an ETA and lets you auto-trim your wood to the exact amount needed.


  9. Private Messages | Full Details

    /pm <name> <message> -- send a private message to player
    /r <message> -- reply to your most recent private message
    /pmhistory <name> -- show the previous 5 messages of PM with that player.

  10. Remover Tool | Full Details

    /remove -- activate Remover Tool - nothing will be removed yet!

    You will see this dialog:


    During the countdown you can click to remove multiple things, as long as you have the resources in your inventory to cover the cost of removal.

  11. Sign Artist | Full Details

    Upload your pic somewhere and get the link. Place your picture frame on the wall, and while looking at it do:

    /sil -- (replace with your image link)
    • The image will stretch to fit your frame, so make sure it's roughly the same shape.
    • No rules. Use whatever pics you like.
    • If you're displaying things outside your base where others can see, then please keep it legal and bear in mind that some youngsters play here.

  12. Stash Marker | Full Details

    Marks your hidden stashes. Very useful during raiding season :)