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List Of Mods

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  1. No Decay. No Radiation.

    Run naked and free any time, anywhere you like! Come back to an intact base if you feel like taking a break for a while! Build a HUMUNGOUS base! NoDecay/NoRad continues through Raid Week.

    Note: twig decays, so upgrade.

  2. Limited Raiding

    Raiding is blocked for 3 weeks; normal raiding for final week (Raiding Season!) Please note Solo/Duo/Trio rule.

  3. PvP or PvE - Your Choice!

    When you first arrive on the server you are in PvP mode. You can kill and be killed by other (default) PvP players, although it's nothing like the hardcore official servers - this is generally a chill, laid back environment.

    If you really don't want to worry about being attacked at all you can ask JimDeadlock to switch you to PvE mode. You will then be invincible to other players and you can't attack anyone. Animals, scientists, Bradley etc can all still harm you as usual.

    During Raiding Season EVERYONE is in PvP mode.

    /pvx -- check your status

  4. Check Players

    /who -- quick check while in-game

    Online duration + ping + PvX status + profile link

  5. Free Fireworks - Once Every Wipe!

    /kit fireworks


  6. Free Skins!

    We have all the (approved) skins that exist!


    Place your item in the first slot and drag the one you want back into your inventory.


  7. Free Supply Signal - Daily!

    Cast your vote then:



    The link is pinned at the top of #in-game for your convenience.

  8. Auto Doors | Full Details

    Auto-closes doors behind you, in case you forget.

    /ad -- toggle on/off [10 sec default]
    /ad 5 -- toggle on [seconds delay]

  9. Backpacks | Full Details

    2 extra rows for your inventory


    F1 > bind b

  10. Chest Stacks | Full Details

    Cram huge stacks of items into all types of container, including Tool Cupboard. Less space needed for boxes; higher capacity furnaces, quarries etc. Use ShiftRightClick to move the extra-large stacks. Note: does not apply to inventory.



  11. Furnace Splitter | Full Details

    Auto-stacks your furnaces and refineries for maximum efficiency! Also gives you an ETA and lets you auto-trim your wood to the exact amount needed.

    Warning: 1,000 per slot max, or it will start eating your ore!


  12. Private Messages | Full Details

    /pm <name> <message> -- send a private message to player
    /r <message> -- reply to your most recent private message
    /pmhistory <name> -- show the previous 5 messages of PM with that player.

  13. Remover Tool | Full Details

    /remove -- activate Remover Tool - nothing will be removed yet!

    You will see this dialog:


    During the countdown you can click to remove multiple things.

    Disabled during Raid Week.

  14. Sign Artist | Full Details

    Upload your pic somewhere and get the link. Place your picture frame or wooden sign on the wall, and while looking at it do:

    /sil -- (replace with your image link)

    The image will stretch to fit your frame, so make sure it's roughly the same shape.

    If you want to display pics outside your base where others can see then please bear in mind that some squeakers play here so keep it clean-ish. If it's inside you can do what you like, and leave me emotionally scarred when I'm snooping around. I can't un-see these things you know!

  15. Time Of Day

    You can't always see the sun when it's overcast, so check the in-game time: