My Tale Of Woe

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My Tale Of Woe

Post by JimDeadlock » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:26 pm

I'm still a new(ish) player. The first server I ever played on was labelled "Noob Friendly". I soon came to learn that having Noob in the title does not necessarily make it so.

I watched a lot of Rust YouTube videos before I purchased the game so I was under no illusions about dying all the time and being raided. However, I still think it was reasonable to expect to be competing against other new players with minimal experience, on this particular server.

As it turned out, there was one expert player who had 4 years and thousands of hours clocked (he couldn't wait to brag about this as soon as I met him in-game). Within the first few days after the wipe he had built a huge impenetrable fortress with the assistance of 4 (the maximum allowed) team members farming for him. The following month he spent obliterating newly-built stone bases with barely any loot in them, using C4, rockets etc. and killing the sleeping noobs for good measure. I had the dubious privilege of being invited along on a couple of his raids to see this happen, because none of his other slaves were online at the time and he needed someone to stand watch for him (I assume in case an angry naked came at him with a rock or something).

This was quite a prominent and popular server on the list. Every day brand new players would arrive asking questions in the main chat like "I'm starving, how do I get food?" so myself and others would answer their questions, help them out and maybe give them some basic items to get them up and running, it was all very pleasant...

Then the next day it was always the same story: "I've been raided!" I can't tell you how many times this happened but it seemed to be every single new player that I talked to. Most of them would never be seen again, but there was one particular player who kept getting raided over and over again, he rebuilt in 10+ different locations but always got raided. He started talking about this guy cheating, knowing where he lived and following him around, but the fact was that he was simply raiding every base every day throughout the entire map.

For most of the time I was on his "whitelist" because he took a shine to me for some reason, but his mask eventually slipped when, one day, I committed the heinous crime of not answering his voice calls despite pestering me every 5 minutes like a psycho ex-girlfriend. Then came the threats and abuse, which were quickly cut off by blocking him. The Server Admin was oblivious to all this because he didn't play on the server, but I don't think he would have done anything anyway because no rules were being broken. Raiding was allowed. I think he has some nerve calling it a Noob server though. Just saying.

As for the expert player concerned, if he reads this I would normally say he should be ashamed of himself, but I know he has no shame whatsoever. My old friends still playing there tell me that he's already at it again after the recent wipe, immediately walling off the sulfur quarry in preparation for raining down hell on blinking newborns. His OP citadel dominates the landscape once again, and his aggressive announcements of "Welcome to MY server!" add the cherry on the toxic cake. He's like a fully grown man at a kiddies' playground, standing on the roundabout beating his chest like King Kong.

I have a lot of respect for expert players in general - it takes time and effort to 'git gud' as they say - but in multiplayer games, if you have any self-respect, you'll compete against your own kind. That's why they have matchmaking systems in those FPS games and suchlike. If you get your kicks by stomping noobs it just means that you're afraid you're not good enough for anything else.

So anyway, here's where I get to the point :D I created this server for noobs only! ( case you missed this fact plastered all over the site). I am determined that nobody will ever be subjected to this kind of behaviour here.


This story has a happy ending. Two months after I left, an old friend from there turned up on my server to deliver some juicy gossip. Eventually the whole server turned against him. A group of 16 players became hell-bent on hunting him down and destroying him, giving him the sweet sweet taste of his own medicine. He tried changing his Steam name and lying low but that didn't work. Now Billy No-Mates has skulked off with his tail between his legs. I hope he learned his lesson, but I doubt it.

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