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HrsPingOnline Now
1.7:1618GermanyPvE Linux tuedel
2.6:4640SpainPvP Windows Fortyseven
3.3:39100CanadaPvP Windows Arckavious
4.1:53150USAPvP Linux skellr
5.1:10108USAPvP Linux MaxUgly
6.0:45262JapanPvP Linux KnusperKeks
7.0:43234BrazilPvP Windows Victor peido fino
8.0:3828GermanyPvE Windows AimForWin
9.0:36136USAPvP Linux The Toxic Avenger
10.0:25274ArgentinaPvP Windows Maestro.Kimpembe
11.0:22101USAPvP ??? Farmbot
12.0:21127USAPvE Windows ACTUALbean3PO
13.0:07109USAPvP Linux yamsyamsyams
14.0:0432GermanyPvE Linux Rudolf the Rednose
15.0:00233BrazilPvP Linux Padre
16.0:00228BrazilPvP Windows Ney Boy
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